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Raul & Yelena

A Mexican-Russian wedding which has taken place at a beautiful venue house Pickering Barn, in Isaacquah, Washington. Everything around had vibrant and romantic colors which told of love so passionate, even the bridesmaids dressed in vivid reds, pinks and peach colors. The combination of two cultures brought new feeling and new experience for everyone. Raul was so tender with his bride - he even learned few compliments for Yelena in Russian.

Groomsmen together
Seattle wedding
original michel men's boots
bridal gown
bridesmaid dresses
Retro Fujifilm INSTAX prints
bride's make-up
bride's dress lace
bride's shoes, Cinderella
groom at the door
first look with emotions
bridal bouquete
wedding picture at red barn
groom's portrait
fun bridal party at the red wall
romantic wedding shot
gorgeous bride's portrait
wedding at Pickering farm Community Garden
romance wedding shot
wedding party photo
beautiful bridemaids
groom and groomsmen
father and bride walk down the aisle
wedding cake with love birds
wedding band
bride and groom kiss
cutting of wedding cake
close-up wedding cake

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